Practice Merger

Practice Merger and Changes

On 1st April 2017 Drs Foster & Crawford merged with the Orangefield Practice to form one larger practice over our 3 Wings in Greenock Health Centre. Our new name is Lochview Medical Practice.

There is a severe shortage of doctors in general practice, particularly in Inverclyde, with practices struggling to replace GPs who leave. This is due to the high demand on GP services in the area, with many patients suffering from significant health issues, deprivation and an increasingly elderly population requiring more intensive care than in years gone by.

Over the last year two of our GPs have had to leave unexpectedly.  With the demands and pressures on GP practices forever increasing we needed to change and adapt to meet these needs.  We have therefore adopted a Signposting Service, operated by our trained staff.

We have provided training for our staff to ask pertinent questions in relation to your call in order that they can allocate you to the most suitable clinician or alternative service.  These staff members are NOT prying; they are working under our explicit instructions and are bound by the same code of confidentiality as the clinical staff.  Please see further information on this in the ‘Who should I see’ section on our website.